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STATIC SAFE® Products Model 2622 Storage Cabinet
Model 2622 ESD Safe Storage Cabinet: GSA CONSTRUCTION: 14 & 16 gauge steel and stainless steel

DIMENSIONS: W26" X D22" X H81"

FUNCTION: To conveniently store circuit boards in a secure and grounded environment. To improve inventory control and to protect from ESD events.


  • Static dissipative paint (106-109) Color: Stealth Blue (other colors available)
  • Multiple grounding lug locations for ease of connecting to central grounding systemPatent pending grounding system is made up of 100% stainless steel that is grounded independently of the outside metal of the cabinet.
  • Door can be removed or locked in place
  • Static dissipative (106-109) painted metal shelves and plastic shelf liners that are manufactured from Carmelstat material and are permanently static dissipative at 106- 109 range
  • Wrist strap grounding points conveniently located
  • Static dissipative (106-109) painted flat metal shelves for boxed storage
  • Locking 5 1/2" drawers that will fit in side of cabinet at any location, top, middle, or bottom
  • Shelf installation is made easy with our patent pending adjustable drop-in rack system. Install and adjust shelves at your desk or workstation and simply mount in the cabinet
  • Single or double shelf rack system available
  • Shelf rack for storage of circuit boards is fully adjustable to hold any size board
  • Bi-fold door that is removable or locked in place
  • Cabinet can be completely customized to your specifications (2622A)
    2622 – 26X22 Storage Cabinet
    2622A – 26X22 Customized Storage Cabinet
    SPECIFICATIONS, MAINTENANCE and other INSTRUCTIONS (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):
    Shelf Installation Instructions

    Cabinet Installation Instructions

    Click here to download printable specifications


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