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Laptop Lock-Up Model LL20
Laptop Lock-up® LL-10-07-AL 11-DRAWER E-TOOL CABINET ESD Protection
Laptop Lock-up E-Tool Cabinet
Laptop Lock-up LL-10-16/20-CAC
Laptop Lock-up 10 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-up 5 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07
DeployableE-Tool Cabinet
LAPTOPLOCK-UP® - Model LL10 Cabinet
Laptop Lockup Model LL10 - 10 Drawer Cabinet: ESD safe cabinet: GSA

CONSTRUCTION:14,16, 18 gauge welded steel

CABINETDIMENSIONS:  W20" X D20" X H 39" Total height with adjustablestand 51" to 59"

DRAWERDIMENSIONS:   W16"X D16" X H3 1/2" - 10 drawer cabinet

FUNCTION:Toeasily secure laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, e-tools, and rechargebatteries, download/upload data. For storage of test equipment.


  • No installation necessary, simply remove fromcarton, plug-in main power supply located on back of cabinet and connectmodem jacks to back of cabinet. Cabinet is then ready to securely storelap top computers or test equipment with the capability to recharge and/ordownload data while the laptop is secured in the drawer.
  • Also Available in 2, 3, or 5 drawer models.
  • Drawers and cabinet vented on bottom and sides.
  • Data connection to each drawer is by a coiledcord with RJ45 or RJ25 jack, drawer offers additional opening for seconddata connection.
  • Patent pending power supply system; powerto each drawer by a UL approved 16 gauge coiled cord with 3 prong groundedoutlet.
  • Each drawer has a cam lock all keyed differentlywith 2 master keys per cabinet.
  • Patent pending adjustable built-in stands.Stand height is set at 12" and easily adjusts to 16" or 20" in approximately2 minutes.
  • Highly durable powder coat paint, color: StealthBlue (other colors available)
  • Fan-mounted at bottom of cabinet for extremeconditions. Deployment Kit - wheels and handle - installation time approximately10 minutes. Retractable power cord, individual surge protection for eachdrawer.
CUSTOMIZABLE:Numerousconfiguration options available including number of drawers, etc. Let us build the custom cabinets to meet your specific needs! 


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